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The wildly popular series “Man from the Stars” has recently revealed some intriguing behind-the-scenes and casting secrets such as how Jun Ji Hyun convinced Kim Soo Hyun to join the cast, Park Hae Jin‘s last minute role change and more.

It’s safe to say that “Man from the Stars” is quite possibly the most popular TV program at the moment. Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun’s amazing chemistry and acting have led viewers to laugh and cry for each episode. In just four episodes, the drama surpassed the 20% viewership mark.

Here are some of the casting secrets that have been revealed for the first time.

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source: Soompi, Naver

the casting story of evil huyng was a shock to me tbh, Thank God it ended that way

The anon post The person who know things
Last week I read the anon post and there was some points I want to discuss them, this is my thoughts on the subject.

So this anonymous person (which turn out she is a women) was working for Adam Lambert and now she isn’t. she was generous in answering the questions, but there are some points she mentioned I tend to believe not accurate, maybe she knows something but don’t want to tell the truth so she told us something else to draw attention away from it.

My thoughts are:
1) she said that Adam was invested in his relationship with Drake and he wasn’t playing around, while he was with Drake, the faithful part I am sure of it, but he was invested I don’t think so, coz the split was mutual as reported and Adam was happy, he didn’t show the slightest sign of being sad.
2) Also when they were together I didn’t feel the vibe of love between them, (I do love Drake and he is very nice guy), all I sense was friendship and having fun, they weren’t touching in public, even though Adam is a very passionate person who is not afraid of showing it, and their famous kiss in their last night out, was cold and forced (don’t judge me).
3) Adam using drugs, we know he used drugs years ago, but using the recently or on tour, I can’t believe it, first the tour rules were strict and there were handlers with them, then I think drugs have BAD EFFECT ON THE VOCAL CORDS, and Adam really is very careful with his assets.
4) About KRADAM, she said that Adam didn’t feel about Kris nothing but friendship, while Adam confirmed his crush on RS, and said that Kris who was making the moves flirting with Adam and he was confused about that.
5) Don’t forget that Adam who is keeping the Kradam light on, while Kris is the one who scorning him.

My reaction when TFM Leaked
Today was pure EPICNESS, actually the whole passing week was EPIC, begining with the leaked TFM audio & video snippet, then Ryan's interview, then AMA'S nom., then THE LAMBRY KISS, and finally the ET story about the Detailes Mag.
Till that time with no clue about the single or the full TFM releasing date, i felt like CRAZY, trying to find anything to keep my sanity.
On friday i read reports about Sunday to release TFM, so i went to sleep praying Sunday to come quickly.
Saturday morning (Jordan time) started cheking twitter every 5 min. but the others were sleeping, when around 2:20 pm i read a tweet about TFM full version on Italian Itunes, i hoped they can get us the link.
When the link was posted i started JUMPING, DANCING, AND SCREAMING, my family thought i lost my mind.
First it didn't work coz my phone was low battery, but finally it worked.
When it started I literary felt my heart stopped, goosebumps all over my body, my hands were shaking, i couldn't tweet properly but i managed to, i'm listening repeatedly and every time it gives me ADAMGASMS.
OMG the lyrics r amazing and meaningfull, the voice is incredible flauless.
Now i'm looking forward to the album, GOD HELP US WITH THE HEARTATACKES THAT WE WILL HAVE


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